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De Groen Transport, for many a familiar name in the world of special transport. We have been building at our knowledge and experiencesince the early 19th century! Started as a small company in Poortvliet in the province of Zeeland. For many years we have served customers in many areas within the agricultural industry. We are proud to say it: Our specialty in the field of exceptional transport. Over the years we have developed further into several markets when it comes to special transport. Thus, you will encounter our vehicles, within large parts of Europe, with all kinds of cargo. From large harvesters to crates and from tractors to concrete elements. Today we are located in Bergen op Zoom where we have the space, central location between Rotterdam and Antwerp and the opportunity to further develop the Green Transport.

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Let us help you in one of the following ways

When you are looking for a reliable partner to have your precious cargo transported or shipped, you naturally like to be assured of a piece of experience. Therefore, we are able to solve the following logistics issues for you:

Road transport with a modern fleet

Our vehicles are equipped with all required cargo securing materials, tarpaulins and a track and trace system

Short or long term storage of cargo

Good lighting, alarm, camera system and high fence make sure your cargo is safe with us on the premises

Working with a large network of partners, we also provide:


Special Transportation
From A to Z

Down to the last detail, we arrange the transportation of your precious cargo. To give a little insight into the process of this, we explain it in an easy way.

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1Send request
Please send an application as complete as possible to: [email protected]. Exact dimensions of the load and its weight play an important role in the tariff structure. The more details that are clear from the start the less need to communicate about them afterwards. Of course, a change is always possible.
2We make calculation
One of our staff members will make a calculation for the transport and, where necessary, obtain information on costs for any crossings or costs for permits and/or transport supervision.
By email, you agree to the quote. Our staff will then immediately apply for the permits in the relevant countries and any transport supervision will also be booked.
4Permits and planning
Our planning will keep you informed about the application status of the permits. In the final stage of the application process, a date and time is tentatively set in consultation.
5Cargo inspection
At the time of loading, our driver inspects the cargo to be transported for defects and/or abnormal dimensions. After agreement, loading begins. With extreme precision, the load is secured to our vehicle.
The transport takes place and our staff will keep you informed of the progress (in case of a multi-day trip) An exact arrival time can be requested or our staff will keep you informed.
Unloading, like loading, is done according to extreme precision. When the transport is completed, you will usually receive the CMR or other proof of delivery from us within a week, along with the invoice for the transport.


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